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Security Cameras Adelaide  – Keeping you in the picture

As a homeowner or business owner, we all like to feel safe and secure.  However, when someone or something upsets the balance, installing a security system can be the best way to address the situation and help you feel safe and in control. With over 35 years in the industry MAC Security are a fully licensed (ISL270140) agent so know you are dealing with an experienced and trustworthy security professional.  As experts in home and commercial security systems and alarms we will design and install a security system tailored to your needs.  From CCTV cameras, number plate  snappers, access controls, alarms and video intercom we’ve got all your CCTV and security needs covered.

Security Cameras Adelaide CCTV

The best advice on security camera’s in Adelaide

When it comes to surveillance and installing security cameras you need to talk to the experts at MAC Security.  MAC Security will put their expertise to work for you and design your system to suit your property.

We know security and we do it well! Over the years there’s not much we haven’t seen, which is why our experience is so valuable .  We know which cameras to make visible to act as a deterrent for thieves and intruders, and we’ll place your cameras in the ideal location to give you maximum coverage of your property.  We know how & where intruders may enter and the things they will try to do to avoid detection, so when we design a security system, its secure! 

We always stay one step ahead using the latest hi tech equipment such as turret and dome cameras because they are difficult to remove or steal.  Inside or outside – for security, insurance, or even health and safety purposes we can give you a clear picture of what’s going on in and around your home or business.

Guaranteed Quality

Not all security cameras are built equal and by using a professionally supplied security camera you’ll get the best visibility and performance.  We’ve been installing surveillance cameras for many years and we know the top brands that never faulter.  When you get a MAC Security system you know you are getting the best quality, best advice and exceptional value.  Your security is our business, so we make sure when we do the job it’s built to last and built to perform. 

We only supply quality products from trusted suppliers and pride ourselves on offering a great service.  Even our budget cameras give you crystal-clear vision so the footage you get could be easily used as evidence.  Small or large job, no matter how much you spend, you’ll get the same personalised service, expert advice and a huge 4-year guarantee on all our products and installations.

Security Systems Adelaide cctv

Security Systems – Easy to access & amazing functionality

With all the latest technology, you can now get a hi-tech security system that’s high on features yet surprisingly good on price.  We’ll work to your budget and can design your system with –

Security Systems Adelaide

Motorised or fixed lens cameras – to give you the ability to pan, tilt or zoom


InfraRed Cameras – for bright clear pictures even in the dark of night


5 to 30X Zoom – get up close and personal with a choice of standard or ultra-zoom functionality


Wide angle and fisheye lenses for maximum visibility


Pre-Installed hard drive – built in video recording and data storage


Mobile monitoring - keep yourself in the picture no matter where you are with live online monitoring through an app.

Security is not just about the camera, if you want to use the material you need to record and store your footage.  We offer the full range of digital NVR (network video recorders) so you can capture anything from 1 to 30 days’ worth of crystal clear, high definition footage that can be backed up or downloaded as and when needed. From a basic alarm system through to the latest cutting-edge surveillance, MAC Security are here to deliver the peace of mind and security you deserve.

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Enhanced security with intercom & access controls

Mac Security go beyond cameras and alarms and offer the full suite of video intercoms and access control systems.  Whatever the level of security you need you’ll find all the solutions at MAC Security.  We regularly work with commercial clients to install building access controls and video intercom.  From access controls in apartment blocks and flats to keyless entry and swipe cards, MAC Security are here to provide cost—effective solutions that are built to last. 

Security Alarms Adelaide

Adding a security alarm to your home or business can be an awesome deterrent for thieves and can give you a great sense of security and wellbeing.

MAC Security offer a complete range of alarm systems that are custom designed to suit your premises.  From commercial or domestic alarm systems, we can provide the ultimate protection by integrating your alarm with cameras.  New build or retro fit – if you need a security solution talk to the experts at MAC Security.  

MAC Home Security Systems Adelaide – helping create a sense of security for Adelaide homeowners

MAC Security prides themselves on offering complete satisfaction and only use quality equipment and brands.  For domestic installations, we recommend the Hills Reliance alarm systems as these provide excellent quality, versatility and great value for money in addition to coming with a 3 year warranty.

Our domestic alarm systems consist of both an internal and external screamer and siren, keypad to arm the alarm, exterior strobe light and indoor motion detectors .  The basic system can then be upgraded to include

  • Multiple keypads – at entrances and in bedrooms
  • Multiple motion detectors, PIR and microwave
  • Key ring remote controller
  • Online remote monitoring and operation through an app
  • 24 hour 3rd party monitoring
  • Pet sensors
  • Internal or external security cameras
  • GSM dialler

We’ll listen to your concerns and design a system tailor made to your needs.  We know security and we’ll make sure your house is secure.  By adding cameras to an alarm system, if the alarm is triggered you can safely view the interior or exterior of your home without having to leave the room you are in.

Whatever level of protection you need MAC Security have the solution –

Commercial Security Alarms

As a commercial manager or business owner, minimising theft and maximising security is vital.  Whether you want cameras and alarms to help prevent theft, to monitor the workforce or for health and safety reasons – MAC security can help with a free consultation and quote.

By pairing your alarm with hi-definition security cameras there’ll be no need get up in the middle of the night to visit the factory or office because of a false alarm.  With our alarm systems, you can simply log into your phone or computer from the comfort of home and look around the perimeter and insides of the building to see what’s really going on and then reset your alarm from a phone app. 

If something doesn’t add up and stock or money are going missing – you’ll often find the answers when you install CCTV surveillance cameras.  We regularly work with shop owners, bars, restaurants and factories and we’ll guide you through the different options to help address your problem areas.  Not only do security cameras act as a great deterrent, but they also provide you with instant evidence should you want to pursue a criminal conviction.   

From monitoring the workforce to monitoring the tills, car parks, storage yards or exits we can set you up with complete visibility of your workplace from wherever you are in the world.

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