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Giving homes superior picture quality
MAC Security for digital antenna installations across Adelaide

There’s nothing worse than buying a new TV and getting it home only to find the high definition picture you’ve been dreaming of falls short of the mark. If you are experiencing poor or patchy reception, call the experts at MAC Security who’ll be there to check out your antenna cables and connections, re-tune your TV or replace your existing antenna.

Experiencing poor reception?

On the whole, Adelaide has great TV reception, but there are still some areas that may be prone to flat or poor reception.  When the TV reception is poor there’s either a problem with the antenna connections, the cables or the actual antenna itself may have been damaged or moved. In either case, we can quickly and cost-effectively get your TV back up and running.

The experts at MAC Security carry all the tools and equipment to test your signal strength and fault find so you can enjoy a crystal-clear picture on your TV.  And, if you live in a poor reception area we offer a range of digital signal boosters to enhance your picture and restore your viewing pleasure.

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Digital antenna installations

Moving into to your new home and need an antenna installed then MAC Security can help.  We can work with your builder or be available on the day of handover to install your antenna so you can enjoy your favourite shows from the moment you move in.

Prices start from $250

Analogue to digital antenna switchover

If you have an old antenna but a modern TV by making a change to a digital antenna, you’ll know  you are getting the best picture clarity and defination available on your TV to optimise your viewing pleasure. Our trusted team can upgrade your antenna and re-tune your TV to ensure you get the best possible picture.

Prices start from Just $175

Additional antenna points

Want to make some changes and move your room around but feeling limited by a lack of antenna sockets and plug points – no worries MAC security is always on hand help.  Fully qualified and insured we can quickly add some new antenna sockets and plug points, so you have the freedom to move your sofa and TV exactly where you want it.

Prices start from $90 per additional socket

Wall Mounting TV’s & Sound Bars

Want to create a theatre room or save space by mounting your TV on the wall but not sure how?  Then let the experts at MAC Security help.  George will be there to advise you on the best heights to mount different sizes of TV and placement of a sound bar and/or speakers.  Quick and proficient he’ll connect your TV to all your existing kit and supply all the equipment necessary to secure your gear on the wall and keep your cables tidy or hidden.  

TV wall mounting including brackets start from – $200.00

Commercial MATV Systems

Experienced and knowledgeable MAC Security regularly work on commercial projects to design and install MATV’s.  MATV stands for Master Antenna Tele Vision.  MATV is a specialist antenna and cabling system specifically designed for apartments, hotels, schools and nursing homes. MATV allows for one master antenna to provide a high strength signal to multiple outlets with no loss in picture quality. 

When designed and installed properly MATV is extremely cost effective in providing FTA (free to air) and satellite transmissions by using a system of amplifiers, multi-switches, taps and splitters. With a single digital antenna, we can provide crystal clear uninterrupted reception to multiple users throughout any size building.

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